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Through music I journey through currents of sound that lead to a deep understanding of the dimensions that exist in time, space and human emotion. Music is a key because it triggers thoughts and feelings that are not accessed on a habitual basis as our daily routines leave little room for abstract reasoning. As a result of synesthetic interpretation and the work that has transpired...

It is interesting to observe what can be created from the impulse of sound. Sound is a channel, a realm that has the potential to encompass the depth and extent of what we loosely term the unconscious. 

Rhythm is the closest thing that describes the unseen world. From the stratospheric to macrocosmic I am intrigued by these currents. On these rhythmic lines are inscribed truths too intricate to be identified with our regular senses, I am therefore drawn to dance on these lines and describe an under or oversized vision of what I hear and intuit in significant measures. 

It is therefore important how the music is constructed. There is an awareness of the layers of sound and the sensitivity with which the music is expressed. It is like a domino chain where one kind of artist (the musician) inspires another (the dancer) to describe a different element of the story/intention. 

How one artist interprets another’s art is entirely unique. My emphasis is often upon the still moment in the music, the raw silence that leads to an awakening of ones own insight. It is here that one sees, hears and often feels the most. 

Amber Stephens, Vienna 2005

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