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Dancing under blacklight
Dancing under blacklight
Dancing under blacklight
Dancing under blacklight
Plexi Glass Installation
Plexi Design
Plexi design
original design Amber Stephens
Plexi glass painted
Painting on stage
Trinity Shows 1 & 2
Performed at The Kunstalle Project Space Vienna

When Knowledge through Experience comes into Being

"As a choreographer and Painter I wish to fill the spatial-visual dimension to complement the way music encompasses the sound-aural dimension. To collaborate with a musician to create a comprehensive visual, kinetic, aural dimension for the purpose of engaging the senses of the audience on multiple levels" AGS

From The Absolute arose a curiosity to experience that which it knew. So Absolute Spirit generated energy which became a voluminous vessel of contrasting matter: darkness as well as light. Spirit dispersed itself into many fragments known as the soul and entered into the dense matter. When the soul met the dark valleys it became disorientated and thus forgot the sense of its perfect design, lost in the maze of experience. Yet the currents (of sound) eventually carried the soul back to its original, brilliant white design, bringing with it colours from the rhythms of life. And so knowledge through experience came into being



The 3 sheets of plexiglass serve as an inter-relational tri-une. It is  a representation of God-state. In this performance I show how the soul , a component of God energy, after knowing the state of perfection must then experience itself in order to come in to being. The choreography explores the process of forgetting through subjective experience and therefore the loss of bliss or absolute understanding. I show with dance the highs and the lows, the darkness that then allows for the understanding of light. The dancer (soul) eventually remembers itself- that which it knew and lead by the current of sound returns to the source to paint it’s knowledge with the colour of it’s experience.  The evolution of the story is knowing, experiencing, being. In this performance the movement is experiencing whilst the painting is expressing the joy of being: Creation.



The three designs on plexiglass panes represent Knowledge, Experience and Being. A triune of God-Absolute: the Mother/Father-knowing, the Son/Daughter-Experiencing, the Spirit-Being. These are drawn in fluorescent white/yellow ink representing purity.


The interior installation is the volume of physical matter, the realm of experience. The dancer maps out the design as a floor plan during a process of forgetting and remembering.


The paint is colour of experience, a tangible manifestation of events in all their tones.


Painting the panes is bringing depth the surface of the design. This is the creation of the soul from its choice of pathways.


Painting the self = self-realisation

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