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Reflect What You Are

Stadtfest Vienna '09

Reflect What You Are
"I'll Be Your Mirror"

Reflect What You are was choreographed by Amber Gabrielle Stephens for Stadfest 2009, staged outside the Hapsburg Palace in Vienna 2009. The Headline act was The Lou Reed Tribute Band, also in the line up was Tosca, Sofa Surfers, Vienna Boys Choir and The Vienna Symphony Orchestra. For this dance, Rupert Huber of Tosca created the soundtrack and Couture Designer Petar Petrov designed the costumes. The story follow the song by the Loud Reed ,song sung by Nico, "I'll Be Your Mirror". How others can help unravel the layers of self-doubt, revealing the beauty within. 

The dance explores the heaviness of self created oppression, the rigours of mind-games and then through the compassion and reflection of friends, the state of joy, freedom and manifestation. 

Dancers | Kelly Nash, Magda Chowaniec, Asher Gorman, Carlota Frazao, Amber Stephens

Music | Rupert Huper

Costume | Petar Petrov

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