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Developing the Story. The WHY

It occurred to me over the last 24 hours, how essential it is now to evolve the concept to become an all embracing relatable story. I don't just want to make a pretty dance with some pretty words in a pretty environment. What I wish to do more than anything is be a voice for a planet that says,"Hey guys, it's up to you, yes I'm suffering but I'll reform again. Don't you people care that you're killing yourselves slowly. WAKE UP."

The earth is so precious to me and it hurts me to see people, including myself at times, make unconscious choices that do further damage to the natural world. Saying yes or not disagreeing with industries that pillage forests, emit poisonous gasses into the atmosphere and pollute waterways... who force monotype crops for feeding too many beasts for our gluttonous diets.

The problem I see is that, people care when they see the effects, but most of us don't have the time to stop and think about our choices, we are locked into the daily race to get by and march to the beat of a drum that is dictated to us. Yet now, the world has been forced to a halting stop. It matters not why, or if there's conspiracy behind the pandemic, what matters is that we take the time to reassess our lives, our choices, our position.

I am not a hardcore activist, I am an artist, dancer and work in the fitness industry inspiring people to inhabit their bodies in a healthful way. And now I wish to inspire people to inhabit our greater body, our planet, with the same care as we take with ourselves. WE ARE THE PLANET. This is our body. This is the beginning of the story I wish to tell. And more than anything I hope that the delicacy, the reverence, I paint through pictures and movement may turn your focus to the world around you, so that you may cherish living in your own skin.

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