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Amber began her portrait painting business, ‘Depiction’ in 2003 having been awarded a government scholarship. A prolific body of commissions were created in the first year and half, yet the desire to study traditional painting techniques led her to Europe in 2005.  Amber was awarded a rare placement in Vienna’s Academy OF Fine Arts and fulfilled that dream of learning the 'Old Master' techniques. Surrounded by a rich history of portraiture, Amber had a strong motivation to continue her portraiture in NZ when she returned in 2010. Once home and having completed a Post Graduate Diploma (Dance), Amber began her NZ Leader series. Inspired by European portraiture, where it was tradition to depict the great minds and mentors through the ages, Amber sought out some of New Zealand’s leading personalities in an array of fields form sport to philanthropy. Eric Murray, NZ Kayak multi- gold medalist, Josh Emett, Masterchef judge and supreme chef, Jordan Luck, NZ Rock Music Legend, were among her subjects. However before completing the series, Amber took a timely diversion to paint 12 Paralympic champions to promote and raise funds for the 2016 Paralympic Games.

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