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The Golden Ball

Self Portrait with Golden Balls 2000x2000mm
The Golden Ball Painting 2006 200x200cm
GB the auditorium
GB Martin set con
GB dancing 2
 Golden Ball Calligraphy-Sketch
Golden Ball figures ink & watercolour 150 x300mm
The Golden Ball Story and Realisation

The Golden Ball was the development of a dream with a very clear image of a person hurtling through space with golden balls connecting hands and feet in a circumference. 

The vision signified a sense of oneness with self and the world. The choreography also explores sound as a channel for information and consciousness. Danced within a silk-like fabric “cylinder” as the fabric is painted with the paint balls.

The Golden Ball is a symbol for the original Spirit: unity. When personified we see a heart whose vibration runs up the spine of the world, whose life force pours out through the head, hands and feet and embraces all within.


In the beginning there was nothing but absolute pure perfection. Yet there was nothing imperfect for perfection to compare itself to. Therefore Original spirit created the possibility of polarity. So as night is to day imperfection came to perfection and hence  created the world of relativity.


Original spirit wished to experience itself through exploring the relative. So Original spirit exploded into a million tiny golden balls-replicas of itself, in what we know as the Big bang. These golden balls were dispersed into this relative world of possibilities,-light and dark, joy and pain, hope and fear. By sending emissaries into this world Original spirit could evolve beyond mere knowledge and feel itself through experience. 


Once the emissaries were inside the golden realm of experience they were free to choose any path in order to define who and what they wanted to be from the extreme possibilities. Yet the challenge would lie in becoming entangled within the thread of pathways and choices. Most of the balls would spend a seeming eternity bouncing unconsciously as if caught in a tennis rally, rebounding from one situation to the next. 


The golden ball is a symbol of soul and a symbol of the secret to remembrance. The ball is a toy, yet the remembrance is offset by the dual realization that the soul is not just a toy being manipulated and thrown around but is in control of its play. The realization that they are the player as well as the object of play. This is the soul remembering itself.


This realisation is precipitated by finding a flow. Within the densely woven pathways of a rebounding ball, there is a rhythm made of many layers of sound. By tuning in to these sound frequencies the soul can flow with the motion of the underlying currents, like being propelled by the force of gravity. In this way the ‘golden ball’ finds its power. Music becomes a catalyst to remembrance and mastery of the game.



By playing ball one not only discovers the unification of space and time but also the unification of oneself through the head, hands, feet and everything within. In this moment the soul returns to the source, from creating a definition of self, through its experiences and comes into being. 


Central Golden Ball: A symbol of an individual soul as well as the universal soul. The sun, the light that which illuminates and activates the desire for creation. The perpetuity of life.​​


The Octagon: In numerology, the number 8 represents God or the absolute. The octagonal realm relates to complete dimensions accessed through the full spectrum of sounds, thus  Chamber of Sound 



The Silk Cloth: The embryo. The fine protective layer that clothes the soul and can hide one’s ability to see the layers beyond ones immediate skin.



Miniature Golden Balls: The tools. Symbolic of the individuals’ set of unique skills. When implemented become a source for creation and feeds back into the great golden ball. 

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