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dancer 4

The contrast of urban versus vast natural landscapes sharpens our vision of how the body corresponds to these environments. By tuning into the specified environment we build an awareness of the effect of our surroundings on the body. In the urban-scapes we look at the effect of industrialisation and town planning, we also look at what what becomes of ambitious developments that then fall into wasted areas, or heavy transit areas that we pass thru on a daily basis but never “see”. The story is really about our physical relationship to these places when brought to our attention. The slow motion capture on film is a way to identify the language of these spaces.


Collaborating with Director and Photographer, Gareth Moon, A short doco was created as well as a number of time-lapse images, both moving and still and originally designed to be a stage back-drop. The work “Bulb” is designed to turn a light onto our current relationship with nature versus our urban construction.

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