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Barre Warrior Fitness

Barre Warrior formerly known as Barre Yoga has been created as a fitness program based on Amber's extensive dance and yoga training, and fitness techniques that have sustained a dance career. The program brings qualities of self-expression, creativity and mental and physical self-empowerment, all synonymous with Amber's themes as a choreographer and artist. The program premiered in her Auckland studio early 2016 and has now been taught to hundreds of bodies in NZ and Australia.

The Barre Warrior practice leaves you with a sense of grace (dance element), mental well-being (yoga element) and physical strength and fitness (pilates+cardio). It is the work out for the warrior prince/princess within.


This is a unique blend of pilates, yoga and dance training techniques. Technique is broken down into steps that anyone can do, no prior dance experience necessary. Barre Warrior, the signature class, ramps up the pace to challenge endurance, strength and fitness, adding weights and high-intensity interval training.


Barre Warrior is the perfect training for developing a sculpted dancers physique, with long, lean refined muscles. The emphasis on yoga ensures effective use of breath with movement, rejuvenating your mind as well as your body. Barre Warrior is a place of serious work-out and it's a place that you can connect to your inner fire and physical freedom. 

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